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•Canine Parvovirus is a highly infectious virus effecting dogs.

•Untreated, It can kill over 90% of infected dogs.

•Surviving puppies can suffer heart disease.

•Vaccination is extremely effective.


Dogs pick up Parvovirus from contamination with feces from another dog – this means that they are at risk when they go out to areas where infected dogs have been.


It’s so infectious that contamination can even be brought in to the house on hands, clothing and shoes.  Foxes can also carry infection.


Puppies can be already infected when they come from their mother but responsible breeders, who have vaccinated the bitch, will produce puppies that have no infection and have some protection that covers them until vaccination.


Puppies are affected worse than adult dogs, but adult dogs can also die from infection and can spread the virus.


Symptoms of parvovirus infection include vomiting, diarrhea (usually bloody and with a distinctive smell) dehydration, collapse and death. Recovered puppies frequently suffer heart damage.


Properly vaccinated bitches will pass some temporary immunity to their puppies, allowing time for the pup to be vaccinated and be strongly protected.


First vaccinations can be given from 6 weeks but 2 vaccinations are required for full protection 2-4weeks apart, with the second vaccination given after 10 weeks of age. Full immunity will happen 10 -14 days after the second vaccination.



Parvo – The avoidable killer!

by Ywain

No dog or cat owner would disagree their pet adds an extra dimension to their life: whether it’s companionship, the fun element or simply a friendly soul with whom to share their life. However, one thing no pet owner would want to share are parasites!


Parasites such as fleas, ticks and intestinal worms can cause discomfort to their pet host, but perhaps more serious they can cause fatal diseases such as the Lungworm which can be life-threatening to dogs. It really is a jungle out there, but thankfully there are safety measures you can take.


Our practice has a comprehensive range of parasite treatments, which will help to keep your pet parasite – free. Moreover, we can advise you about your pet’s individual parasite requirements based on its individual life – style and the parasites – both internal and external – to which it is susceptible.


It’s a jungle out there

by Ywain