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Our main aim is to prevent your pets becoming sick. This is why we work with you to give you all the information you need to keep your pet healthy. From your very first visit to the practice, we are on hand to give you advice and guidance on how to maintain the health of your pets.


We take pet health so seriously we have our very own Pet Health Club that you can join. This will cover all the preventative health care needs of your pets, including regular health checks, vaccinations and flea and worm prevention.  It also helps you by saving you up to 20% on products and services and allowing you to budget monthly. For further information click here.


Even though we do our best to keep our pet healthy, sometimes they do become ill or injured.  When this happens we are on hand, ready to act in an emergency. With appointments available at a time to suit you, and experienced staff on hand to treat your pet, simply call our nearest practice to book in.


If you need assistance outside our usual opening hours, we have a 24 hour ”out of hours” service operating in conjunction with Vets Now in Colwyn Bay.




You and your pet

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